The FOCA is a national network of senior and junior chapters which, through a variety of religious, educational, cultural, social, and athletic activities, provides an ideal way to meet others within the faith beyond the boundaries of the local parish.  We are currently made up of 6 formal districts as well as independent chapters that do not fall within the geographic boundaries of existing districts.

New members may join an existing local chapter or if no local chapter is available, new members can join as individual members by providing name, address, e-mail address to the Administrative Secretary ( along with the annual dues of $30.

Groups interested in forming a new chapter can do so by meeting the following:

  • Gather 5 or more interested individuals

  • Obtain the blessing of the parish priest to form a chapter within a parish or obtain a local spiritual advisor to form a chapter within a geographic area

  • Submit a letter of interest, contact information (name, address, e-mail), and national dues of $30 per adult to the Administrative Secretary.  Note-if joining an existing District, additional District dues may apply.

  • Choose a chapter name

  • Receive FOCA Charter and chapter number


  • The local or parish chapter can evolve into the structure that best fits the needs of the parish or community.  Some examples of chapter functions are:

    • Parish financial assistance

      • Chapters lead fundraising efforts to help sustain the operations of the church

    • Community outreach

      • Chapters plan and organize outreach programs to serve their local community

    • Parish fellowship

      • Chapters facilitate social programs and religious events that bring the parish and community together in Christian prayer and fellowship

The Jr. Fellowship of Orthodox Christians in America exists to build and strengthen relationships among the Orthodox youth through its many projects and programs, while witnessing to the Orthodox Christian Faith. Some activities are done on a local level while other activities gather Orthodox youth on a regional and the national level.