FOCA National Executive Board Members Visit St. Tikhon’s Seminary

On December 6, 2016, members of the National executive board of the Fellowship of Orthodox Christians in America visited St. Tikhon’s Seminary in South Canaan, PA. Father Theodore Boback, National Spiritual Advisor, Marge Kovach, National President, and Allison Steffaro, National Vice-President, shared the FOCA’s mission, current work and future plans with seminarians.

Archbishop Michael, seminary rector, again thanked the Fellowship for completing a $300,000 pledge to the seminary’s married student housing project during the 18th All-American Council in July 2015. In October 2015, Chapter #121 was re-established at the seminary with Deacon Andrew Nelko serving as president. Since that time, the seminary’s Fellowship chapter has engaged the greater community , including a fundraising dinner held at St. Michael’s Church in Jermyn, PA.

Father Steven Voytovich , seminary dean, stated: “Since those who have been serving as the local FOCA chapter’s leadership this past year will be graduating in May, this visitation was timed well to pique the interest of newer students.” The Fellowship’s mission is to proclaim, share and reveal our Orthodox Christian Faith through service, fellowship and example.