St. Nicholas Chapel in Kenai, Alaska Renovation Update

St Nicholas Chapel Alaska.jpg

October 1, 2018 --- The 2016-2017 FOCA Gifts of Love campaign collected $12,500 in funds to support renovation efforts at St. Nicholas Chapel in Kenai, Alaska.  The renovation project has received another grant, thanks to the FOCA Gifts of Love grant which provided the matching funds portion of the requirement. 

This week the Alaska Historical Commission approved a $14,964 grant to replace the original roof of the chapel. 

In addition, the National Park Service which oversees all National Historic Landmarks was able to purchase new cedar shingles for the project by donating $2,786, and they also purchased new plywood and water/ice shield for another $1,465.

The shingles, plywood, and ice shield have already been delivered and are safely tucked away in a dry environment for the winter.  Scaffolding plans are being prepared this winter, so construction may begin when the ground thaws in May.

The FOCA Gifts of Love donation really got the ball rolling.  From the original FOCA grant amount, the restoration committee for St. Nicholas Chapel was able to leverage additional contributions for a grand total of $33,615 to date.