St. Andrew Appeal

What is the FOCA’s St. Andrew Appeal?

The St. Andrew Appeal is the main stewardship effort of the FOCA’s network of chapters and individuals throughout America. It is a unified approach to funding the many needs of the Church; allowing individuals to donate funds within the structure and security of one large organization. The FOCA’s fund raising recipients have included our seminaries and seminarian assistance, the Alaskan Orthodox Project, the St. Nicholas War Memorial Cathedral in Washington, DC., college scholarships, IOCC, OCMC, OCF, orphanages, summer camps, etc.

Why should I donate?

The St. Andrew Appeal enables each of us to envision the good works our money will do within the Orthodox community, through supporting Orthodox programs and organizations. It offers the flexibility to respond to needs and requests and can provide donors with a shield of anonymity or with a spotlight that shines in support of a special cause that is dear to your heart. In over 50 years, the FOCA has provided nearly two million dollars to our community for youth, education and human service programs.